Hello darlings,

I hope you all are well, so as you all have probably seen by now if you’ve been in or maybe online, Poundland has started to widen its range when it comes to the beauty range and if i’m honest some of it can be actually decent especially for the price. They have just about everything all the high enders have but for a fraction of the price at £1, sorry did I hear that right?

First opinion on this it reminded me of the e.l.f. brush which i’m sure sells for £14.50. It really is a stunning brush, and for a good brush it really isn’t a bad price, but it would be even better if this Poundland one for £1 worked just as well wouldn’t it? Lets see if it does.

It looks really chic and pretty, its got a black handle with the Makeup Gallery in white writing on it, the bristles of the brush are a nude colour with burnt orange tips. The brush feels really soft as well but not too soft that it won’t do its job.


How did I frel about the application using the brush? 

So I used the brush during a makeup routine tonight and being 100% honest I was really surprised with the outcome, considering this brush only cost me £1!! It did a really nice job and because of the shape of the brush and the handle, I feel it helped a lot with the application.

My only downfall with the brush I would say is that it does pick up a bit of product so I would do you application more slowly with this by picking up less product to start with and building up. But all in all I can’t really fault this brush and my expectations weren’t really high to begin with because it did only cost £1 an I was scared the brush was going to be too rough or just spread product everywhere instead of properly applying it.

 I would definitely say this blending brush from Pound land is a HIT! Great to add to your collection especially if you’re just starting out and not wanting to spend loads on brushes to begin with! If you would like to see anything else reviewed just pop a comment below or message me on Twitter(linked below)! 

 Have you tried any Pound land products? What were your thoughts?

 Lots of love,

Kimmy ✖️❣️


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