Hello honeys,

I thought I would do a what’s in my bag post for you today, at the moment I’ve been super busy so I generally take quite a few bits and bobs in my bag to get me through my day. Some essential, some are um just because really.

So I just want to say first that my beautifulll bag is from Boutique of Molly.*. This is the ‘Milan’ bag and it costs £35 but you guys can get 20% off with my discount code at checkout in the apply coupon section – KIMMY20 (This discount if for 20% off your order for anything on the website not just this bag alone).


The thing I really like about this bag is that it looks so much more expensive than it is, it reminds me of a Chanel purse but for a fraction of the price! It’s a good size but not too big and it has little compartments plus the way it closes over means I feel safer that things couldn’t easily fall out etc and its a fab size so fits everything I need. It’s also great for day/night and has versatile straps so you can use as a clutch, shoulder bag and can change the length of straps to suit.

The first thing I have in my bag is my purse, this will be one of the one things that are always going to be in any bag I use no matter where I go. This purse is one I got from River Island this was actually a gift.


I have my phone, obv course, which I dropped and smashed the screen (I could have literally cried) Its crazyy how important phones etc have become these days but that’s another topic. My phone case is a marble effect with my initials from Olivia Rose Accessories. (I currently can’t get a photo but you can view on their website).

I always carry my headphones these are just headphones that were lying around the house, I think they may actually be my sisters but, oops. I take these as when I’m travelling to work etc its most times around an hour journey so I like to listen to some music and block everything out.

My kindle always makes an appearance in my bag, love reading and especially when travelling as it’s a good time that I can just relax and read because well there’s not much else to do and I can catch up on whatever book I’m reading. My glasses are always in there too as I need them for reading most things.


Hand cream comes with me everywhereee especially work as the soap that my work has in the toilets tend to dry your hands out and I hate that so I like having this handy!! The one I’m using at the moment is my soap & glory hand food. There’s usually a brush or comb in there somewhere too.

The last things I take in my bag guys will be my deodorant because we all like to stay smelling nice and fresh! I take a perfume with me usually a mini depending if it will fit inside the bag I’m using and some chewing gum! and then lastlyyy whatever lipgloss/lipstick i’m wearing that day.

The deodorant i’m using at the moment is Sure Dry 48h anti-perspirant, this smells so fresh and flowery if that makes sense as much as it does to me. I’m using Vera Wang Princess Perfume, this is one of my favourites it smells so lovely and the bottle is super cute. Chewing gum I prefer the Wrigley’s Extra Bubblegum. Anddd today i’m wearing my MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in the shade Reckless and as it’s a lovely red and I thought this matched my bag beautifully, match your undies, match your lips and accessories, right? hahah


Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it.

I would love to know your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment below and if you’re enjoying my posts then you can hit that follow button, I would appreciate it so much.

Lots of love,


 🐥| @inkimmyshead

👻 | inkimmyshead

📸 | inkimmyshead

*All photos are my own and have been took by myself.

*Disclaimer – this is a collaboration with Boutique of Molly and they kindly sent me this bag and my own discount code for you guys, so I’m excited about that although everything will always be 100% my own honest opinion.

Boutique of Molly discount code – 20% use code KIMMY20 at checkout!


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