Hi guys,

So if you seen my latest twitter poll you would have noticed that I couldn’t decide on a post to write for today’s post as I loved them all, so I thought I would let you help me decide and the most votes was for my morning skin care routine, so here it is.


I find it so important to keep on top of my skin care routine as I myself am prone to dry skin in some areas and I like to keep my skin looking and feeling as good and healthy as possible. So if you’d like to know my everyday morning skincare routine then keep reading

To start off when I wake up at 7am when my alarm goes off *yawwnn* the first thing I do is drink a cold glass of water, now I don’t know if most people would count this as part of a skin care routine but I do as water is so important for so many aspects of life but also for keeping your body refreshed and as an added bonus its a good thing to keep your body hydrated therefore your skin.

Once ive drank my glass of water, I will sort all my clothes and make sure my bag is sorted for going to work for the day. Then I will go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, I will never miss out brushing my teeth in the morning and at night, so important. At the moment I’m using my Oral B 3D white electric toothbrush with my Oral B 3D white toothpaste. This toothbrush is amaze especially with the toothpaste leaves your teeth nice and sparkly fresh. I always brush for at least 2 minutes.

After I’ve done this I will move on my face, I start off with my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which is good for sensitive skin too and non perfumed. One of my favourites as it’s really good for cleaning and soothing the skin plus it’s also a makeup remover so if there’s anything left over on our face, whether this is makeup, or products you have used last night it will clean it all away, leaving a nice clear base again. This can also be used on the eyes and lips too which I like. I just use a cotton pad to remove with this.


Next I move onto my eyes and at the moment I am using my Oolution eye love eye contour cream that I got from my Glossybox. I just dot this underneath my eyes then I will pat onto this with my ring finger (that’s the correct word for it, right? haha) and then gently rub in around up to my eyebrows at the side of my eyes but not actually putting it onto my eyelid.  I used to use the Botanics 80% organic eye cream from Boots but this got discontinued.


The last things I do to my face will be moisturising my face and at the moment I am using my Nip + Fab kale moisturizer. This makes my skin feel hydrated and moisturized all day and it also smells really good, I just try to pat this on my face with my fingertips tho so it goes into my skin but not rubbing in with any other products on my face.  I then use my lip scrub from Lush this takes any dry skin off and leaves them feeling silky smooth (woo) Just apply with a clean finger then once done lick your lips clean, also great for before doing makeup and liquid lipstick. I will then normally just put on my burt’s bees lip balm on top to keep my lips moisturised but I’ve run out at the moment. If I’m not using this I usually just put a clear pinky coloured lip gloss on from NYX or whatever lipstick I’m wearing if I have makeup on for work that day.


The last thing I will do is moisturise all my body with my Soap & Glory ….. This feels so good on the skin I love all the Soap & Glory products they are amazeee. I will then lastly put my hand cream on and the heel genius cream on then put some nice cosy socks on the help is moisturise into the skin both are from S&G too.


So that’s my morning skin care routine, it’s probably different from most people as everyone’s skin and routines are, but this one works for me and my skin at the moment. Do you have a set morning skincare routine? I would love to read about them, leave links below and I will check them out. Also let me know what you guys think. All products are linked below.

(Twice a week or if I have more time I will do a face mask, Normally my Lush coffee scrub mask or my NuSkin marine mud mask). Also I alwayssss have a nice big hot cup of coffee in the morning, one true loveeee.

Lots of love,

Kimmy 🌸

Oral B 3D White Electric Toothbrush – Shop Here.

Oral B 3D White Toothpaste – Shop Here.

Granier Micellar Cleansing Water – Shop Here (Cheaper Price ATM).

 Oolution Eye Contour Eye Cream – Shop Here.

Nip + Fab Kale fix moisturizer – Shop Here.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub – Shop Here.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – Shop Here.

Soap & Glory moisturizer – Shop Here.

Soap & Glory Hand Cream –Shop Here.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius – Shop Here.

*All photos are my own.

*This is not sponsored and all products were bought myself.



    1. I know haha im so into a skincare routine, my friends think its crazy because im even doing it after a night out especially! how amazing are they and they save you pretty pennies too. they sure do! thanks hun x

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  1. I admit to having like NO skincare routine at this point – I really should get back into one! I have a go to cleanser each night but that’s it right now lol

    Liked by 1 person

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