Hi Guys,

If you’ve been reading my blog you will have noticed that I have started getting Glossybox beauty boxes which you can read about here.. and I have also started with the Birchbox beauty boxes too. This is my first one and although I do have another two posts for the February boxes of both because of when I ordered my first box then my second came right after so keep posted for them and lets get started..


To start of this is the lovely box that your products come in and it has a lovely message ‘Sprinkle Happiness’ on the drawer part of the box. with a lovely white and lime green colours box.

The inside of the box its just a drawer with the products inside as shown below. There is also a leaflet inside which you tells you all about the products and how to use them etc. and a sneak peek of the February box.



This is basically a concealer crayon which can also be used for highlighting areas such as the brow bone and the cupids bow. (This came in full size.) *BirchBox Exclusive*

To use:

  • This is one of the simplest ones, just apply to the areas of your face you want to conceal with the crayon.
  • To blend in just use your fingertips, you can also use your blender or brush etc whatever you prefer but fingertips to help blend.

The RRP price for this is £12.00 (FULL SIZE) and you can get this here.



This multi-purpose product is amazing. This is an oil you can use on your skin, body, hair (wherever!). It contains a nourishing blend of six essential oils, and a healthy dose of vitamin E.

To use:

  • Pour a little into your hands and then smooth onto your skin or through the ends of your hair.
  • Pour a little onto your hands and massage into your face.

The RRP price for this is £17.00 (50ml) and you can get this here.

p.s via the link there is a sale on and you can get this for £15.30 plus free delivery while sale lasts obv course. Otherwise can get it here at full price.



Lovely hand cream in the scent cherie cherry it smells so lush. Its got a nice quirky packaging too which I think is cute. Its packed with tiny pearls and nourishing extracts to pamper and soothe. (This came full size).

To use:

  • Massage into dry hands anytime they need perking up. Use as frequent as you feel is necessary.

The RRP price for this is £4.90 and you can get this here.



An all-in-one spritz leave in conditioner, conditions, detangles, smoothes, adds shine, and protects hair leaving your hair soft and manageable all day long. I love the bottle too. *BirchBox Exclusive*

To use:

  • Spray onto clean damp water, from a few inches away from hair, comb through and style as normal.

The RRP for this is £18.50 and you can get this here.




This deep-cleansing formula works to detox both your strands and scalp with its gentle blend of purifying ingredients for when build up and over styling has left your hair looking and feeling dull.

To use:

  • Use this product one or twice a month.
  • Massage generously into wet hair and scalp then rinse away.

The RRP for this is £13.95 and you can get this here.


So that is what I received in my January Birchbox beauty box (tongue twister). Overall I am pleased with the products I have received as I feel it is products I will use and they do match with what I feel I need for myself so yeah thats what I was hoping for. I love the fact that they put products from upcoming new brands etc as some of these brands I have never heard of, so its good to get to try out some of their products and hopefully fall in love. This box is £12.95 all in per month is you choose the monthly prescription which is £10 for the box then £2.95 P+P. I think its an amazing price the box is beautifully designed each time and also they are good for storage.

Let me know if you would like a separate review on specific products from any of my posts as these are just basically an overall review and an insight into whats in the box.I look forward to telling you all about my feb box.

To shop the box or see previous boxes and more info click here.

Love of love,


**The eyeliner in the pictures isn’t in the box and this was my mistake so forgive me for that incase you were wondering.

*This is in no way sponsored or and advertisement this is just my honest opinion and review.

*RRP price is the price for full size products.


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