Heatless Curls – Using Straws!!

Hi my lovelies, thank you for checking out my page!!
I am so obsessed with doing these its give you a full Afro style hairstyle without the damage the heat causes.. i a just amazed!!
It actually worked so well, I was really struggling to start with but after a couple of minutes and sitting in front of the mirror and eventually i got it!!
So what you’ll need for this will be
  1. Box of drinking Straws
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Spray bottle (for water)
  4. Hairbrush
  5. Towel/Hair Wrap(optional)
  6. Silk headscarf (if doing overnight)
  7. Scissors if straws are bendable
I will do this as a step by step and it will come across more easier as i was so confused when i first read this 🙊
  • First of all, detangle hair, brush thoroughly and section your hair starting from the bottom.
  • Take a piece of hair from that section, smaller sections are easier to work with, and spray it lightly with your water  (this is just so the hair is dampish)
Remember the thicker the strand the bulkier the curl will be. Use a lot if hair per roll if you only want a few curls.
  • From the middle of the straw start the wrap your hair around the straw beginning at the root.
  • For an Afro type curl wrap round the straw like a telephone wire.
  • Once its all wrapped tie the ends of the straw together.
  • I then put a bobby pin in to hold in place, this is optional but i just prefer this.
  • Do all sections until complete
  • Once all your hair is done your can put a towel or hair wrap on your hair if you would prefer too – TIP : if doing this over night i would recommend a silk headscarf especially if your hair takes long to dry like mine.
I usually do this before bed then take it out in the morning when i am awake. If not then you have to leave in until dry, depending on hair type this could take up to three hours to overnight. You will know your hair
Free one curl at a time, use your fingers to separate the curls and style as you wish just be very careful when brushing that your don’t brush it out or brush too hard!!
Good luck and I would love to see your outcomes if you try this – keep posted as I will be posting a photo of mine done by this method (my photo i have is terrible quality so will re-do)
Thanks for reading and look forward to my next post.. keep your eyes peeled 👀💋💛

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