Coffee faves/must haves!!

Hey youu,

I can’t be the only one that looks forward to a nice cup of coffee in the morning, especially after a not so good sleep and a long day ahead! Bearing that in mind its sad when you look forward to one and someone else makes it for you (nice of them), for it to then taste awfulll!! 10/10 for trying and thanks..
My favourite places to go for coffee is Starbucks, Costa and Pret. I usually go here when I’m out and about and need my coffee fix, but they are so good for just going with friends or on your own to chill out for a bit with a nice cup of coffee (refills!!) and a good book or laptop and get some work done, I sometimes prefer that atmosphere rather than to sitting in my office typing things up although I do enjoy that too. The festive cups and coffee holders at christmas time too are so pretty!!

From Starbucks I would say my most favourite/most bought item would be Mocha Chocolate Frappe, this is amazing I love this when its hot out or when I have a bit of a sweet tooth as with the mocha and chocolate all mixed then cream on top with the frappe it just tastes amazing! The iced flavoured teas are really good also if your looking for something different, I like to try out random new coffee flavours when I go in too, vanilla latte/caramel latte are also one of my faves.

Costa, this is a funny one its not one of my visited coffee shops but it definitely is a little gem. I usually just pick up a latte from here or they actually do quite a good hot chocolate, I could have cried during the festive period as they advertised that they were doing a lindt hot choc, lindt choc is one of my fave chocolates and every coffee shop I went into they never had any and when I eventually asked why …they had sold so many when it first came out that they ran out of the powder stuff needed to make it!
Pret, now pret is on that I have recently just found as its next to where I work so when I tried it I was amazed that I hadn’t found this sooner. They do a latte called love bite and it tastes so different its like a sweet cinnamon taste I would say, they also do nice croissants aswell.

Image result for pret a manger coffee

Overall that’s my three favourite coffee shops, I don’t know what coffee shops are in the area you’re from but I would love to hear about them and get to try them out. My go to coffee in the house I just add coffee, some hot water, sugar and then I pour milk into a glass and heat for 1 and a half minutes then pour it in, this just tastes like a homemade latte – yumm!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think my lovelies.

Happy reading.


K x



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