Hello honeys!

I mean i know we all hope for that dream foundation that is going to make us look airbrushed and work with our skin (especially on those pesky bad days).

So my skin type is pretty dry/normal i guess but i do have a good bit of dry skin and allottt of foundations just settle and look horrible sometimes.. Let. Me. Tell youuu! Its a nightmare and stressful. I find a good skincare routine and really moisturising helps with this. Prep is key!!

Anyway I am a bigg fan of Makeup Revolution and some of their products are game changers and absolute winners i mean great products at a lower price? Winnning

@inkimmyshead*image credit of Superdrug online.

Heres a little bit about the foundation so they are called the ‘Fast Base Foundation Sticks’ and they come in 18 different shades(photo below) now i think thats amazing that a drugstore brand has a decent shade range when they first drop a new product and the shade range is actually really good! These cost just £5 and you get a decent amount of product although it doesn’t say exactly how much ml is in it!

@inkimmyshead@inkimmyshead*photos credit of Makeup Revolution instagram page.

Currently I wear shade F1 and F2 and if you’ve not heard about their ‘Conceal and Define Concealer’ then keep eyes peeled for my next post as this works amazinnngly with the foundation.


I tend to just out lines all over my face then i use a damp beauty blender or i will spray some facial spray onto a buffing brush and brush this all over it blends in so easy and quick. Now the foundation is going to look pretty “wet” on the face but this is sorted as soon as you set it with some powder and it looks stunning.

My overall review would be that you. Need. To. Invest. I would mention that i feel its more a daily foundation than if your gonna be out for hours and hours or clubbing for example that sweat etc will cause it to break on the skin unless you really really set it it wont be as bad. This happened to me the tiniest bit at a wedding but i was dancing the whole night in a roasting reception room haha! Definitely worth the £5 and definitely a goody to have.

Can buy on Superdrug and Revolution Beauty online at the moment and will be available in store at Superdrug from 28/03/2018.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and I’m so glad to be back. Let me know how you got on with this foundation if you’ve tried it.


Love you.



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Hello darlings,

I hope you all are well, so as you all have probably seen by now if you’ve been in or maybe online, Poundland has started to widen its range when it comes to the beauty range and if i’m honest some of it can be actually decent especially for the price. They have just about everything all the high enders have but for a fraction of the price at £1, sorry did I hear that right?

First opinion on this it reminded me of the e.l.f. brush which i’m sure sells for £14.50. It really is a stunning brush, and for a good brush it really isn’t a bad price, but it would be even better if this Poundland one for £1 worked just as well wouldn’t it? Lets see if it does.

It looks really chic and pretty, its got a black handle with the Makeup Gallery in white writing on it, the bristles of the brush are a nude colour with burnt orange tips. The brush feels really soft as well but not too soft that it won’t do its job.


How did I frel about the application using the brush? 

So I used the brush during a makeup routine tonight and being 100% honest I was really surprised with the outcome, considering this brush only cost me £1!! It did a really nice job and because of the shape of the brush and the handle, I feel it helped a lot with the application.

My only downfall with the brush I would say is that it does pick up a bit of product so I would do you application more slowly with this by picking up less product to start with and building up. But all in all I can’t really fault this brush and my expectations weren’t really high to begin with because it did only cost £1 an I was scared the brush was going to be too rough or just spread product everywhere instead of properly applying it.

 I would definitely say this blending brush from Pound land is a HIT! Great to add to your collection especially if you’re just starting out and not wanting to spend loads on brushes to begin with! If you would like to see anything else reviewed just pop a comment below or message me on Twitter(linked below)! 

 Have you tried any Pound land products? What were your thoughts?

 Lots of love,

Kimmy ✖️❣️


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All about the Bybel – CB Deluxe Edition Review and Swatches


This is all about dat BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition palette that I purchased from Pranava Beauty. And you can now buy this for $22.50. This is a bigger and more updated version of her first palette (which is still available to buy at Beauty Bay and BH Cosmetics) but with even more amazingness 😍. If you don’t know who Carli Bybel is thennn please do check her out on YouTube, one of my favourite beauty YouTubers ever so you can imagine the excitement when she revealed the news of this palette coming out.. anyway moving on!

 This post will contain a review and some swatches of the palette! 


Sooo pretty, In this palette you get a range of 15 eyeshadows and 6 highlighters. Some of the eyshadows are matte some are more shimmery. The packaging this comes in is so chic and looks elegant. The outside of the palette has a padded cushion type look with rose gold writing and inside is a marble effect and also contains a good size mirror with thequote  ‘Aspire to Inspire’ underneath. 


I am honestly in awe of this palette it’s now at the top of my go to palettes, from the shades to the pigmentation, the quality of the eyeshadows are amazing and I’ve not experience any fallout from these. The formula is so nice and they all feel nice and buttery, they also blend out really well and blend lovely together too. I would also say this is a great versatile palette for travelling as its all compact in the one place and can create so many looks from it.


I got this palette for $19.50 when it first came out on pre orderand it’s now up to $22.50 which in my eyes is a bargain for sure especially with how good the palette is. This is limited to 2 per customer. Such a steal!! 


Delivery time did take a while when I ordered but I’m pretty sure this was because it was pre-order so after that ended it came pretty fast especially since it was shipping to the UK. I did email the customer service team to ask about delivery as my tracking option wasn’t working and they couldn’t have been any nicer on making sure to check how long and make sure you were happy! 



Left to right shades 1-5

Left to right shades 6-10

Left to right shades 11-15

Hightlights – left to right 16-21 

What do you think of the CB Deluxe Palette? Id love to hear below

Lots of love,

Kimmy ✖️❣️


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The Liebster Award! 

This is my first time being involved with the Liebster Award or any award on here for that matter. I love the idea of this one is to discover new blogs which I myself love doing and also I love the support that your giving to hopefully help get other blogs out there! Thank you Ashleigh for nominating me and I hope you guys enjoy.

If you are nominated (and want to take part) these are the rules:

1) Post 11 facts about yourself
2) Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you
3) Nominate 11 other bloggers
4) Ask them 11 questions
5) Let them know you have nominated them.
6) Acknowledge the person who nominated you. 

11 Facts About Myself

1) I am only 5 ft 1.
2) I was named after the pink power ranger (thanks to my brother) haha.
3) I am beginning my journey of travelling the world and seeing it, although im doing it in parts.
4) I love macaroni cheese, this would be my go to everyday if it was healthy enough. Besides pizza.
5) I am currently studying Law.
6) I am very independent and mature for my age.
7) My eyes are green but change to blue sometimes, I also have a bit of yellow in there.
8) I am terrible at thinking of facts when it comes to this haha!
9) I am the most shy person to begin with (knowing me afterwards you wouldn’t believe it).
10) I have a dance qualification.
11) I have a weird obsession with Keeping up with the Kardashians & Gilmore Girls. I could watch repeats all day.

11 Questions I Was Nominated To Answer

1) What made you start blogging?
I started blogging because I had passions for lots of different things and I was always jotting ideas or my friends/family would ask me about things. I decided to start a blog as a hobby and my own little space to write down ideas. I’m so happy I did as there’s so many lovely and supportive people in the blogging community which makes it all the more fun.
2) Who is your role model and why?

As cheesy or cliché as this sounds my role model is my mum 100%. She is the woman that has shown me everything I know and taught me to be the type of person I am today. She inspires me to be better and If I grow up to be like her then that’s something I will be happy with.

3) You discover after a year of having your wonderful child that there was a mix up at the hospital and you accidentally got the wrong child, would you want to exchange?
I would die. Well I mean yeah as I would want my baby, it would kill to give the baby back to the correct parents though after bonding for a year could maybe keep in touch with the parents if they were nice enough to.
4) If you could wake up in the body of someone else for a day (past or present) who would it be and why?
Blake Lively! (Does that count) She’s one of my most favourite actresses! She literally just SLAYS life. She’s beautiful, her personality seems amazing and she just seems so real, her style is amazing too. Gossip Girl & Ryan Reynolds also, yess – winning!
5) Do you have any bad habits you would like to break?
Feeling bad for things I shouldn’t and giving people too many chances.
6) What is your favourite cuisine?
Got to be Italian for sure, pizza pasta all that good stuff is right up my street.
7) what would you like to have achieved in 1 year, 5 year and 10 years time?
In 1 year time I would like to be qualified as a paralegal, in 5 years I would like to have my Law degree and be a solicitor. In 10 years I would like to be content with my life and hopefully settled down with the person I am supposed to be with and have my first baby for sure.
8) Name three things you have done that you are really proud of?
I am proud that I am learning to love myself for me, that I have taken the step to make this blog to begin with, for being the person I am today!
9) Why is your best friend, your best friend?
My best friend is my best friend because she is someone I can always count on no matter what, there’s no judging or feeling awkward to tell them anything no matter how bad you may find it. She always has my back and I know 100% that no matter, when, where or what for if I needed her she would be there. Most important she’s like family and someone I can always have a laugh with or just sit doing nothing with.
10) If you could pack your bags and travel to anywhere in the world for free tomorrow, where would you go?
Honestly, Italy. It is just so beautiful and as said before my favourite cuisine. Be amazing to just hop on plane to there and live the Italian lifestyle.
11) Are you are morning or an evening person?
Definitely an evening person I hate hating to get out my bed early haha! I don’t mind as much tho if I’m getting up to do something fun!

I was nominated by the lovely Ashleigh Davis for this and I would just like to thank you for nominating me. Ashleigh is such a lovely girl and her blog is amazing too! Please check out her blog over at The Story of Ashleigh Davis. Great reads and a lovely girl behind it.

Ashleigh’s Twitter : Ashleighs Instagram:        

I have Nominated: 

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The 11 Questions I nominate for you guys are:

1. What made you want to start your blog?
2. Whats something/someone you really admire?
3. Name your 5 favourite foods?
4. Is there somewhere you really want to visit and why?
5. Whats your favourite thing about blogging?
6. In a friend, what qualities do you look for?
7.Whats your favourite hobby?
8. If you won 1 million pounds today, how would you spend it?
9. Whats your dream job?
10. Pizza or Burgers?
11. If you could have some magic power, what would you choose?

I hope you enjoyed reading☺️☺️ 

Lots of love, 

Kimmy ✖️❣️


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Hello love,

If you haven’t bought the NYX Brights Eyeshadow Palette yet then you totes should! I actually fell in love and was so surprised with it its now a go to for my makeup looks.


This is one of the looks I created using the NYX palette. Im not saying i’m any good at makeup or an expert or whatever but I was pretty proud of this and was so happy with the palette for so many reasons.

The pigmentation of the colours is amazing and for the palette only costing £16 I was pleased to say the least. Don’t we all want a good quality palette at an affordable price?

The thing I love too is that there is a range within the palette from colours, to mattes, shimmers and theres so much you can do with it.


You can see from the pictures how well the colours pick up on camera both with and without a flash. So that would just make me wonder how well they pick up when doing a swatch also.. lets see


Just look at those colours I mean, whattt?

Haha, can you tell I love this palette, but honestly I just wanted to show you guys how it looks and give you a little review incase you had been looking and wondering if its worth it which I do ALOT!

Overall I would recommend this palette 100% as my opinion of it is that its amazing, the colours blend in really well too and you don’t have to work too hard with it or it doesn’t feel like its dragging over your eyes, you get me?


This was the finished look I done, if you’d like to see how I done this look just let me know below. I know its not exactly amazing but I was quite happy with it.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you are interested then you can buy the palette here.

Lots of Love,

Kimmy ❣️

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*All photos are my own and always will be unless stated otherwise.

*This is not sponsored in any way, this is just my honest review and !00% my own opinions.


Hello honeys,

I thought I would do a what’s in my bag post for you today, at the moment I’ve been super busy so I generally take quite a few bits and bobs in my bag to get me through my day. Some essential, some are um just because really.

So I just want to say first that my beautifulll bag is from Boutique of Molly.*. This is the ‘Milan’ bag and it costs £35 but you guys can get 20% off with my discount code at checkout in the apply coupon section – KIMMY20 (This discount if for 20% off your order for anything on the website not just this bag alone).


The thing I really like about this bag is that it looks so much more expensive than it is, it reminds me of a Chanel purse but for a fraction of the price! It’s a good size but not too big and it has little compartments plus the way it closes over means I feel safer that things couldn’t easily fall out etc and its a fab size so fits everything I need. It’s also great for day/night and has versatile straps so you can use as a clutch, shoulder bag and can change the length of straps to suit.

The first thing I have in my bag is my purse, this will be one of the one things that are always going to be in any bag I use no matter where I go. This purse is one I got from River Island this was actually a gift.


I have my phone, obv course, which I dropped and smashed the screen (I could have literally cried) Its crazyy how important phones etc have become these days but that’s another topic. My phone case is a marble effect with my initials from Olivia Rose Accessories. (I currently can’t get a photo but you can view on their website).

I always carry my headphones these are just headphones that were lying around the house, I think they may actually be my sisters but, oops. I take these as when I’m travelling to work etc its most times around an hour journey so I like to listen to some music and block everything out.

My kindle always makes an appearance in my bag, love reading and especially when travelling as it’s a good time that I can just relax and read because well there’s not much else to do and I can catch up on whatever book I’m reading. My glasses are always in there too as I need them for reading most things.


Hand cream comes with me everywhereee especially work as the soap that my work has in the toilets tend to dry your hands out and I hate that so I like having this handy!! The one I’m using at the moment is my soap & glory hand food. There’s usually a brush or comb in there somewhere too.

The last things I take in my bag guys will be my deodorant because we all like to stay smelling nice and fresh! I take a perfume with me usually a mini depending if it will fit inside the bag I’m using and some chewing gum! and then lastlyyy whatever lipgloss/lipstick i’m wearing that day.

The deodorant i’m using at the moment is Sure Dry 48h anti-perspirant, this smells so fresh and flowery if that makes sense as much as it does to me. I’m using Vera Wang Princess Perfume, this is one of my favourites it smells so lovely and the bottle is super cute. Chewing gum I prefer the Wrigley’s Extra Bubblegum. Anddd today i’m wearing my MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in the shade Reckless and as it’s a lovely red and I thought this matched my bag beautifully, match your undies, match your lips and accessories, right? hahah


Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it.

I would love to know your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment below and if you’re enjoying my posts then you can hit that follow button, I would appreciate it so much.

Lots of love,


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*All photos are my own and have been took by myself.

*Disclaimer – this is a collaboration with Boutique of Molly and they kindly sent me this bag and my own discount code for you guys, so I’m excited about that although everything will always be 100% my own honest opinion.

Boutique of Molly discount code – 20% use code KIMMY20 at checkout!


Hi guys,

So if you seen my latest twitter poll you would have noticed that I couldn’t decide on a post to write for today’s post as I loved them all, so I thought I would let you help me decide and the most votes was for my morning skin care routine, so here it is.


I find it so important to keep on top of my skin care routine as I myself am prone to dry skin in some areas and I like to keep my skin looking and feeling as good and healthy as possible. So if you’d like to know my everyday morning skincare routine then keep reading

To start off when I wake up at 7am when my alarm goes off *yawwnn* the first thing I do is drink a cold glass of water, now I don’t know if most people would count this as part of a skin care routine but I do as water is so important for so many aspects of life but also for keeping your body refreshed and as an added bonus its a good thing to keep your body hydrated therefore your skin.

Once ive drank my glass of water, I will sort all my clothes and make sure my bag is sorted for going to work for the day. Then I will go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, I will never miss out brushing my teeth in the morning and at night, so important. At the moment I’m using my Oral B 3D white electric toothbrush with my Oral B 3D white toothpaste. This toothbrush is amaze especially with the toothpaste leaves your teeth nice and sparkly fresh. I always brush for at least 2 minutes.

After I’ve done this I will move on my face, I start off with my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which is good for sensitive skin too and non perfumed. One of my favourites as it’s really good for cleaning and soothing the skin plus it’s also a makeup remover so if there’s anything left over on our face, whether this is makeup, or products you have used last night it will clean it all away, leaving a nice clear base again. This can also be used on the eyes and lips too which I like. I just use a cotton pad to remove with this.


Next I move onto my eyes and at the moment I am using my Oolution eye love eye contour cream that I got from my Glossybox. I just dot this underneath my eyes then I will pat onto this with my ring finger (that’s the correct word for it, right? haha) and then gently rub in around up to my eyebrows at the side of my eyes but not actually putting it onto my eyelid.  I used to use the Botanics 80% organic eye cream from Boots but this got discontinued.


The last things I do to my face will be moisturising my face and at the moment I am using my Nip + Fab kale moisturizer. This makes my skin feel hydrated and moisturized all day and it also smells really good, I just try to pat this on my face with my fingertips tho so it goes into my skin but not rubbing in with any other products on my face.  I then use my lip scrub from Lush this takes any dry skin off and leaves them feeling silky smooth (woo) Just apply with a clean finger then once done lick your lips clean, also great for before doing makeup and liquid lipstick. I will then normally just put on my burt’s bees lip balm on top to keep my lips moisturised but I’ve run out at the moment. If I’m not using this I usually just put a clear pinky coloured lip gloss on from NYX or whatever lipstick I’m wearing if I have makeup on for work that day.


The last thing I will do is moisturise all my body with my Soap & Glory ….. This feels so good on the skin I love all the Soap & Glory products they are amazeee. I will then lastly put my hand cream on and the heel genius cream on then put some nice cosy socks on the help is moisturise into the skin both are from S&G too.


So that’s my morning skin care routine, it’s probably different from most people as everyone’s skin and routines are, but this one works for me and my skin at the moment. Do you have a set morning skincare routine? I would love to read about them, leave links below and I will check them out. Also let me know what you guys think. All products are linked below.

(Twice a week or if I have more time I will do a face mask, Normally my Lush coffee scrub mask or my NuSkin marine mud mask). Also I alwayssss have a nice big hot cup of coffee in the morning, one true loveeee.

Lots of love,

Kimmy 🌸

Oral B 3D White Electric Toothbrush – Shop Here.

Oral B 3D White Toothpaste – Shop Here.

Granier Micellar Cleansing Water – Shop Here (Cheaper Price ATM).

 Oolution Eye Contour Eye Cream – Shop Here.

Nip + Fab Kale fix moisturizer – Shop Here.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub – Shop Here.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – Shop Here.

Soap & Glory moisturizer – Shop Here.

Soap & Glory Hand Cream –Shop Here.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius – Shop Here.

*All photos are my own.

*This is not sponsored and all products were bought myself.