Hello Angels,

Welcome back to a week of Kimmy, we are on Day 2 and I’m really looking forward to this. I am quite enjoying the series type posts and getting back in to blogging regularly. I would love to hear any ideas you have for future posts or anything you want to see and I will get that up for you, I also have some ideas in mind which I am excited to share *YAY*.

Anyway I’m rambling but if you’d like to get to know me a bit more with a bunch of random questions then please keep reading.



1. Are you named after anyone?

HAHA! This is a funny one as I was actually named after the pink power ranger, my brother was watching them on the day I was born (it was his fav, cute) and my mum and dad were so unsure of a name and he kept on saying Kimberley and they ended up liking it, so there we go. (This is what I was told anyway when I asked how they came to finding my name).

2. When was the last time you cried?

The last time I cried was a few weeks ago. (Although I am a crier at sad films etc).

3. Do you have kids?

No I don’t have any kids yet but I hope to some day in the future.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend or yourself?

Tricky question, I guess at some point we all go through stages of wishing we were someone else or wishing we had someone else looks, hair, figure etc but I have learned to accept myself and am trying to get into the whole self love thing and be more confident in me so I think I will choose to stick to myself because there is only one of me.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

I will say 50/50 sometimes I can be quite sarcastic in a jokey way, I dislike when people can’t get sarcasm tho or take it as a joke.

6. What’s the first thing you notice about other people?

Hmmm, I would need to say like the way they act or the way people look at people. That sounds really weird but sometimes people can act really weird or off with people but I don’t know if you get this feeling you will know what I mean.

7. What is your eye colour?

Green, in some lights they have hints of blue and I also have bit of yellow through my eyes.

8. Scary movies or happy endings?

Both but I’m a sucker for a happy ending so they definitely have to beat the scares.

9. Favourite smells?

My boyfriend haha (people have a scent plus his aftershave etc). I love fresh scents also and kind of fruity.

10. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

Pretty sure Bulgaria is the furthest place.

11. Do you have any special talents?

I can fit a whole cheeseburger in my mouth, does that count hahaha?

12. Where were you born?

Bellshill Maternity in Scotland (the building has now been knocked down).

13. What are your hobbies?

Makeup, shopping, reading, spending time with J, my friends, dancing.

14. Do you have any pets?

Sadly not yet, I would love a husky puppy some time in the future tho when ready.

15. Do you have any siblings?

Yes I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers, I also have a big brother who is an angel now that I didn’t get to meet. (I have always been told I was the spitting image of him as a baby tho) 🙂 ❤

16. What do you want to be when you grow up?

HAHA! Well at my age I feel like I am pretty grown up buttt I would love to be successful if I was able to make a life out of doing something I love then id be really happy getting to do what you love plus make a living from it is just the dream.

17. Who was your first best friend?

His name was Jay we lived a few doors away from one another. He sadly passed away but will forever be in our hearts. ❤

18. How tall are you?

Not sure of the exact numbers but I think I’m just under 5ft.

19. How many countries have you visited?

I have visited 4, (England, Bulgaria, Rome and Spain *visited diff places in Spain tho*)

20. What was your favourite/worst subject in High School?

I weirdly loved chemistry back in High School I used to find it so interesting. My worst was maths as I was terrible.

21. Favourite Drink? Animal? Perfume.

Cola (bad I know), Dogs/giraffes, Gucci Guilty.

22. What would you (or have you) name your children?

Ive never really stuck on a name if the subject has come up but for now I will keep this secret just incase haha, can’t ruin the surprise.

23. What sports of you play/have you played?

I used to play tennis, basketball etc in High School. I also used to be a dancer but currently at the moment I don’t do any sports but would love to get back into dancing.

24. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

Wow theres loads haha ummm a few are Carli Bybel, Shani Grimmond, Holly Boon, Imogenation, Michael Finch, NikkieTutorials, Manny MUA, Jordan Lipscombe, Sophdoesnails, Danielle Mansutti, Shaaanxo, Lily Brown, Emily Canham, Han Renee, Jaclyn Hill and sooo many more this is more the regulars I watch.

25. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Weird. Haha, everyone always says its weird in a nice way but I like being different I have my own sense of style haha.

26. What phone do you have?

Iphone 7.


Well that is alll very random bunch but was quite fun answering some of them. I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know me.

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If you missed Day 1 of a week of Kimmy then click here. Leave some love below and if your reading leave some love on my recent Instagram post. Thank you for reading and I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow.



Lots of love

Kimmy X


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Hello angels!

Welcome to day 1 of a week of Kimmy, this was inspired to me by Shani Grimmond. I saw her do it on her YouTube channel and it seemed really fun and I also thought it would be a good fun way for me to get back into my blogging as I’ve been lagging something awful recently.

For day 1 I will be sharing a mini make-up haul I done a few days ago, I will be reviewing each of the products for you more thoroughly in the next few weeks once I can get a real try at them all. The products in my haul are from Primark and Superdrug, the Superdrug products are Makeup Revolution which is also available on TAM Beauty.

If you’d like to see what I have bought and a mini review on the products then keep on reading.


Skinny Eyebrow Pencil – £2

Guys, I’m not gonna lie I was a bit like meh as its only £2 but honestly Do. Not. Let the price of this fool you! The pencil is actually amazing I was so shook. It goes on so easily, the thin pencil is really easy to use and even the pigmentation payoff is so good! You also get a lil spooley on the other side of the pencil and it’s also handy to take around with you! Definitely a new favourite of mine I have been using this every day since I got it.

Gel Eyeliner Pot – £1 (Normally £2)

Gel eyeliners are something I am always a bit scared to buy, I find one I love and I stick to it, then I seen this and I thought you know what its £1 lets try it, it comes in a little pot and also comes with a eyeliner brush on top. This product im not 100% about I will need to re-try it and see how I feel and will then do a proper review for you. The gel is really soft you don’t need to dig your brush in there (I hate ones like that) and it does apply well but I will need to properly test this out but for £1 you cant go wrong!

Strobing Cream – £2

Must admit I was a bit weary of this product to begin with, I’ve never used a strobing cream or that before so I was scared it was going to look awful or go all weird! I put this on before my foundation and it worked so well, I’ve been using the Body Care foundation at the moment and the foundation went on beautifully over the top of this and the glow came through the foundation too. Definitely a steal at only £2 and I used the shade Pearl. This also comes in the shade Champagne.


SoSu Lashes (Milan) – £5

These lashes I had seen loads when in Primark, now don’t get me wrong Primarks own range of lashes that range from £1-£2 and there are lots of different styles (as shown below). The SoSu range which is the Suzanne Jackson  Range – her post announcing the collab is ‘here’. These were launched back in 2016 but I’ve just gotten around to actually trying them from my usual lashes I use. I got the style Milan. These are stunning even just to look at but on the eyes they are so nice – definitely be re-purchasing! Also can re-use just clean properly and can re-use them. There is all different styles.

Here I am wearing the SoSu Lashes. I forgot to take a proper photo of them so will Link one.
@inkimmyshead @sosu_bysuzannejackson
The lash range from Suzanne Jacksons new range! I wore the Milan style – Credit: @sosu_bysuzannejackson on Instagram

Pure Glow Highlighter Pallete – £5

I swear, Primark have COME THROUGH! This palette is sooo good, I didn’t even need to wet my brush for the pigment and glow to shine, it is buildable to make it as blinding as you like. The pan sizes of each highlight is really big and the shade range is good, I feel this palette would suit different skin tones.



Conceal and Define Concealer (C4) – £4

Where do I even start with this product.. I am actually so shocked and buzzing about how good this product actually is, I have been using the ‘Tarte Shape Tape’ concealer in the shade Fair and had been loving it. Then I purchased this while I was in Superdrug the other day, I got shade C4 which thankfully great shade for my skin (I will do a full review on this product so I can go in more detail). A short not is this is a MUST buy, if you don’t have this yet, you neeeed to go try get it – I have used this everyday.

Liquid Highlight (Gold + Unicorn Elixir) – £6

I had seen these around but it was the ‘Cover FX’ ones I had seen, then I was in Superdrug and spotted these beauties by ‘Makeup Revolution’. They come in 10 different shades, I picked up Gold (check what one it is) and Unicorn Elixir. I love the fact they come in the dropper bottles for easy use in my opinion. The payoff of the pigment is really good too – liquid highlighters normally have to be applied correctly to look good otherwise they can end up looking a hot mess. These are a fab buy though I’m happy with mine and will definitely be repurchasing (and in more shades).

I did also buy the Tanya Burr (contour palette) (lipsticks things) – find names. But these are no longer available I’m sure these were for Christmas. I have included a photo and they are really good I enjoy Tanya’s products I didn’t want to do a review as I can’t find these online to purchase anymore.

Do you have any of these products? – what’s your fav or what would you like to try?

Let me know in the comments below!

I loved chatting with you again and look forward to tomorrows post for Day 2 of a week of Kimmy.

If theres anything you’d like to see me post about just let me know in the comments or on any of my social media handles :

TWITTER – @kimmymcbride

INSTAGRAM – @kimberleymcbride123

Lots of love

Kimmy X


Hello darlings,

I hope you all are well, so as you all have probably seen by now if you’ve been in or maybe online, Poundland has started to widen its range when it comes to the beauty range and if i’m honest some of it can be actually decent especially for the price. They have just about everything all the high enders have but for a fraction of the price at £1, sorry did I hear that right?

First opinion on this it reminded me of the e.l.f. brush which i’m sure sells for £14.50. It really is a stunning brush, and for a good brush it really isn’t a bad price, but it would be even better if this Poundland one for £1 worked just as well wouldn’t it? Lets see if it does.

It looks really chic and pretty, its got a black handle with the Makeup Gallery in white writing on it, the bristles of the brush are a nude colour with burnt orange tips. The brush feels really soft as well but not too soft that it won’t do its job.


How did I frel about the application using the brush? 

So I used the brush during a makeup routine tonight and being 100% honest I was really surprised with the outcome, considering this brush only cost me £1!! It did a really nice job and because of the shape of the brush and the handle, I feel it helped a lot with the application.

My only downfall with the brush I would say is that it does pick up a bit of product so I would do you application more slowly with this by picking up less product to start with and building up. But all in all I can’t really fault this brush and my expectations weren’t really high to begin with because it did only cost £1 an I was scared the brush was going to be too rough or just spread product everywhere instead of properly applying it.

 I would definitely say this blending brush from Pound land is a HIT! Great to add to your collection especially if you’re just starting out and not wanting to spend loads on brushes to begin with! If you would like to see anything else reviewed just pop a comment below or message me on Twitter(linked below)! 

 Have you tried any Pound land products? What were your thoughts?

 Lots of love,

Kimmy ✖️❣️


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All about the Bybel – CB Deluxe Edition Review and Swatches


This is all about dat BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition palette that I purchased from Pranava Beauty. And you can now buy this for $22.50. This is a bigger and more updated version of her first palette (which is still available to buy at Beauty Bay and BH Cosmetics) but with even more amazingness 😍. If you don’t know who Carli Bybel is thennn please do check her out on YouTube, one of my favourite beauty YouTubers ever so you can imagine the excitement when she revealed the news of this palette coming out.. anyway moving on!

 This post will contain a review and some swatches of the palette! 


Sooo pretty, In this palette you get a range of 15 eyeshadows and 6 highlighters. Some of the eyshadows are matte some are more shimmery. The packaging this comes in is so chic and looks elegant. The outside of the palette has a padded cushion type look with rose gold writing and inside is a marble effect and also contains a good size mirror with thequote  ‘Aspire to Inspire’ underneath. 


I am honestly in awe of this palette it’s now at the top of my go to palettes, from the shades to the pigmentation, the quality of the eyeshadows are amazing and I’ve not experience any fallout from these. The formula is so nice and they all feel nice and buttery, they also blend out really well and blend lovely together too. I would also say this is a great versatile palette for travelling as its all compact in the one place and can create so many looks from it.


I got this palette for $19.50 when it first came out on pre orderand it’s now up to $22.50 which in my eyes is a bargain for sure especially with how good the palette is. This is limited to 2 per customer. Such a steal!! 


Delivery time did take a while when I ordered but I’m pretty sure this was because it was pre-order so after that ended it came pretty fast especially since it was shipping to the UK. I did email the customer service team to ask about delivery as my tracking option wasn’t working and they couldn’t have been any nicer on making sure to check how long and make sure you were happy! 



Left to right shades 1-5

Left to right shades 6-10

Left to right shades 11-15

Hightlights – left to right 16-21 

What do you think of the CB Deluxe Palette? Id love to hear below

Lots of love,

Kimmy ✖️❣️


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The Liebster Award! 

This is my first time being involved with the Liebster Award or any award on here for that matter. I love the idea of this one is to discover new blogs which I myself love doing and also I love the support that your giving to hopefully help get other blogs out there! Thank you Ashleigh for nominating me and I hope you guys enjoy.

If you are nominated (and want to take part) these are the rules:

1) Post 11 facts about yourself
2) Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you
3) Nominate 11 other bloggers
4) Ask them 11 questions
5) Let them know you have nominated them.
6) Acknowledge the person who nominated you. 

11 Facts About Myself

1) I am only 5 ft 1.
2) I was named after the pink power ranger (thanks to my brother) haha.
3) I am beginning my journey of travelling the world and seeing it, although im doing it in parts.
4) I love macaroni cheese, this would be my go to everyday if it was healthy enough. Besides pizza.
5) I am currently studying Law.
6) I am very independent and mature for my age.
7) My eyes are green but change to blue sometimes, I also have a bit of yellow in there.
8) I am terrible at thinking of facts when it comes to this haha!
9) I am the most shy person to begin with (knowing me afterwards you wouldn’t believe it).
10) I have a dance qualification.
11) I have a weird obsession with Keeping up with the Kardashians & Gilmore Girls. I could watch repeats all day.

11 Questions I Was Nominated To Answer

1) What made you start blogging?
I started blogging because I had passions for lots of different things and I was always jotting ideas or my friends/family would ask me about things. I decided to start a blog as a hobby and my own little space to write down ideas. I’m so happy I did as there’s so many lovely and supportive people in the blogging community which makes it all the more fun.
2) Who is your role model and why?

As cheesy or cliché as this sounds my role model is my mum 100%. She is the woman that has shown me everything I know and taught me to be the type of person I am today. She inspires me to be better and If I grow up to be like her then that’s something I will be happy with.

3) You discover after a year of having your wonderful child that there was a mix up at the hospital and you accidentally got the wrong child, would you want to exchange?
I would die. Well I mean yeah as I would want my baby, it would kill to give the baby back to the correct parents though after bonding for a year could maybe keep in touch with the parents if they were nice enough to.
4) If you could wake up in the body of someone else for a day (past or present) who would it be and why?
Blake Lively! (Does that count) She’s one of my most favourite actresses! She literally just SLAYS life. She’s beautiful, her personality seems amazing and she just seems so real, her style is amazing too. Gossip Girl & Ryan Reynolds also, yess – winning!
5) Do you have any bad habits you would like to break?
Feeling bad for things I shouldn’t and giving people too many chances.
6) What is your favourite cuisine?
Got to be Italian for sure, pizza pasta all that good stuff is right up my street.
7) what would you like to have achieved in 1 year, 5 year and 10 years time?
In 1 year time I would like to be qualified as a paralegal, in 5 years I would like to have my Law degree and be a solicitor. In 10 years I would like to be content with my life and hopefully settled down with the person I am supposed to be with and have my first baby for sure.
8) Name three things you have done that you are really proud of?
I am proud that I am learning to love myself for me, that I have taken the step to make this blog to begin with, for being the person I am today!
9) Why is your best friend, your best friend?
My best friend is my best friend because she is someone I can always count on no matter what, there’s no judging or feeling awkward to tell them anything no matter how bad you may find it. She always has my back and I know 100% that no matter, when, where or what for if I needed her she would be there. Most important she’s like family and someone I can always have a laugh with or just sit doing nothing with.
10) If you could pack your bags and travel to anywhere in the world for free tomorrow, where would you go?
Honestly, Italy. It is just so beautiful and as said before my favourite cuisine. Be amazing to just hop on plane to there and live the Italian lifestyle.
11) Are you are morning or an evening person?
Definitely an evening person I hate hating to get out my bed early haha! I don’t mind as much tho if I’m getting up to do something fun!

I was nominated by the lovely Ashleigh Davis for this and I would just like to thank you for nominating me. Ashleigh is such a lovely girl and her blog is amazing too! Please check out her blog over at The Story of Ashleigh Davis. Great reads and a lovely girl behind it.

Ashleigh’s Twitter : www.twitter.com/thestoryofash Ashleighs Instagram: www.instagram.com/gashleighxo        

I have Nominated: 

Charlene Mcelhinney – www.charlenemcelhinney.co.uk
Katrina Hobbs – katrinahobbs.wordpress.com
Hannah Louise Barnes – thehannahlouise.blogspot.com
Jasmine Simone – www.jasminesimone.co.uk
Chloe Lauren – xvousetesbellex.blogspot.co.uk
Chloe H – chloehxx.blogspot.co.uk
Eleanor Smith – littlethoughtsfromlittlepeople.blogspot.co.uk
Emily – www.missbeautyemily.com
Joanna – www.mypinkrambles.com
Jadirah Sarmad – www.jasminecatchesbutterflies.com
Lauren Rebecca – www.laurenthedaydreamer.co.uk

The 11 Questions I nominate for you guys are:

1. What made you want to start your blog?
2. Whats something/someone you really admire?
3. Name your 5 favourite foods?
4. Is there somewhere you really want to visit and why?
5. Whats your favourite thing about blogging?
6. In a friend, what qualities do you look for?
7.Whats your favourite hobby?
8. If you won 1 million pounds today, how would you spend it?
9. Whats your dream job?
10. Pizza or Burgers?
11. If you could have some magic power, what would you choose?

I hope you enjoyed reading☺️☺️ 

Lots of love, 

Kimmy ✖️❣️


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Hello love,

If you haven’t bought the NYX Brights Eyeshadow Palette yet then you totes should! I actually fell in love and was so surprised with it its now a go to for my makeup looks.


This is one of the looks I created using the NYX palette. Im not saying i’m any good at makeup or an expert or whatever but I was pretty proud of this and was so happy with the palette for so many reasons.

The pigmentation of the colours is amazing and for the palette only costing £16 I was pleased to say the least. Don’t we all want a good quality palette at an affordable price?

The thing I love too is that there is a range within the palette from colours, to mattes, shimmers and theres so much you can do with it.


You can see from the pictures how well the colours pick up on camera both with and without a flash. So that would just make me wonder how well they pick up when doing a swatch also.. lets see


Just look at those colours I mean, whattt?

Haha, can you tell I love this palette, but honestly I just wanted to show you guys how it looks and give you a little review incase you had been looking and wondering if its worth it which I do ALOT!

Overall I would recommend this palette 100% as my opinion of it is that its amazing, the colours blend in really well too and you don’t have to work too hard with it or it doesn’t feel like its dragging over your eyes, you get me?


This was the finished look I done, if you’d like to see how I done this look just let me know below. I know its not exactly amazing but I was quite happy with it.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you are interested then you can buy the palette here.

Lots of Love,

Kimmy ❣️

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*All photos are my own and always will be unless stated otherwise.

*This is not sponsored in any way, this is just my honest review and !00% my own opinions.

15 Random Questions | TAG

Hello lovely,

so todays post is a bit different but its quite fun and gets you really thinking, so its 15 random questions about yourself and I will be tagging a few below to do it also so I will link their blogs in at the end and you can check it out and keep your eyes peeled for their tag!

When I first started to answer these questions I was like omg im so bad at answering stuff about myself and it makes you think that you don’t really ever think about what your like/hate etc in regards to yourself until someone actually asks you and your just like emmm well. haha so if you wanna see my 15 random questions and answers then keep on reading..


whats one thing thats happened to you that has made you a stronger person?

I would say loosing people I love or going through experiences in my life that i’ve always thought I would never get passed. I know that might sound obvious but to me that would be my reason as too why I feel like a much stronger person because going through them and sometimes dealing yourself you do realise how strong you are.

who do you think has had the largest influence on the person you are today?

The people that have doubted me or disliked my decisions etc. May sound a bit silly but because of them it has made me have a different outlook on things and want to push myself even harder to prove to not only them but to myself that I can achieve things if I really want to and put my mind and hard work into it.

do you easily accept compliments? or do you hate compliments?

It depends haha, in person if someone compliment me I think to myself ‘they’ve got to be lying’ so i’m just like awhh thank you and get quite shy. I wouldn’t say I hate them as a compliment can always make your day, am I right? Its a little bit in between I guess.

what is your favourite physical attribute about yourself?

Got to be my hair, it something i’ve always been quite happy with as its pretty long and thick and my natural hair is quite curly so I can easily have it styled without much effort. So definitely would be that if anything.

whats is your favourite non-physical attribute about yourself? 

Ummm, I think ive got a good personality like not tooting my own trumpet or anything but its good to feel that way about yourself even if it is only certain things, I feel im easy to get along with and trust and also that ive got quite a good head on my shoulders for e.g. thinking smart about things and how it could effect others and just knowing what I want..

do you believe in soul mates?

Well yeah I guess I do, I believe that there is someone out there for everyone and that the right person will come along, whether its a past love and your get back together because its meant to be or someone new who you’ve just known is the one. Its a shame that life can’t just work out to be with the one you love tho.

what is something you’ve never done before that you’ve always wanted to do?

Always wanted to travel the world and see every city and just explore everything, get to know the cultures and people and see how people from different countries live, how different it is and all that.

why haven’t you done it?

A few reasons, money, being scared, not wanting to leave people behind. I am slowly starting to book trips to different countries now tho so I am glad to be ticking some things off my list even if its not going to be the full traveller experience at least I will still experience it in my own way.

what is the last thing that REALLY embarrassed you?

I honestly don’t know I wouldn’t say i’ve been really embarrassed about much in a while, the only thing that has embarrassed me a bit was when I tripped up outside in the middle of the city centre haha but I just laughed it off so all was good.

what is your biggest fear?

Moths and heights, I can’t tell what one I have fear of most as moths creep me out so much I could literally cry if it was on or near me haha! Heights make me feel super uncomfortable and not in control.

what is one thing you thing your life is missing?

Contentment I would say i’m not fully content on how everything is but I know you can’t control everything in life unfortunately. if things could go the way we want we would all be super happy but I would like to feel more content with things.

who is the one person in this world that knows you best?

My mum, she’s like my best friend also, I could literally tell her anything I imagine and she knows me best from what I like to what I hate, what annoys me, how i’m feeling.

where is the one place you feel most like yourself?

Im not really sure, I feel most myself when ever i’m doing anything that I love, dancing, organising, on here I can be myself completely I guess without feeling like you would be judged.

where is your favourite place to escape to?

Honestly, I love just going to my room or chilling myself having a pamper evening, listen to some good music and read a book.

whats your favourite joke?

This is a hard one haha theres so many but I must admit theres no many I forget them not long after hearing them, memory is terrible sometimes. I love funny one liners tho the best haha.

Questions: (please feel free to do this tag yourself! If you do id love to be tagged in it for a read 🙈) 

whats one thing thats happened to you that has made you a stronger person?

who do you think has had the largest influence on the person you are today?

do you easily accept compliments? or do you hate compliments?

what is your favourite physical attribute about yourself?

whats is your favourite non-physical attribute about yourself?

do you believe in soul mates?

what is something you’ve never done before that you’ve always wanted to do?

why haven’t you done it?

what is the last thing that REALLY embarrassed you?

what is your biggest fear?

what is one thing you thing your life is missing?

who is the one person in this world that knows you best?

where is the one place you feel most like yourself?

where is your favourite place to escape to?

whats your favourite joke?

I tag : @HeyItsAmyKJ, @Katrinahobbs_, & ‪@JadirahSarmad ‬

Lots of love,

Kimmy 🌹


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